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    I am sure that this thread has been done before, but on the eve of the 4S debut it might be fun to revisit it.

    With the invention of the iPhone (and other smartphones) so many different tools have been made obsolete. Here is a list that I have complied from the apps that are on my iPhone. These are all physical things that I just have no need to carry around with me any more now that I have this amazing, glass and aluminum piece of the future in my front pocket:

    Please feel free to add to this list

    1. Camera*
    2. Video camera*
    3. Thomas guide*
    4. GPS*
    5. Notepad*
    6. Dictionary
    7. Alarm Clock*
    7. Internet communicator (this covers everything from Facebook to eBay to general browsing)*
    8. Books*
    9. Watch*
    10. Flashlight*
    11. Phonebook*
    12. MP3 player*
    13. Calculator*
    14. Stopwatch*
    15. Translation book
    16. Compass*
    17. Remote control
    18. PC (limited to Pages, Numbers, etc)
    19. Radio
    20. Boardgames
    21. Coupon books

    * Preinstalled apps
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    I guess you touched on this but one thing I never need to pruchase or carry in my car again is a map!

    I am old enough to remember when something like the iPhone was fantasy- science fiction. But I am young enough to not only see how the technology evolved but also see how no one had any idea how to make it all work until Apple made the iPhone.
    10-11-2011 12:52 PM
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    It's definitely convenience, but I'm not convinced on a few of the things. The camera is nice, but it's still not up to snuff on point and shoot cameras. The 4S may improve it, but until they put a proper sensor in it, the camera is more a convenience than a replacement. The clarity of a point and shoot is better than the iPhone. The convenience of the iPhone is better than a point and shoot. Same thing goes for the video camera. It's a nice convenience, but a dedicated video camera stomps the iPhone video camera. The iPhone video camera, again, has the convenience factor down. As far as the watch goes, there's not a soul around who can convince me that digging into your pocket and powering up a phone is better or more convenient than looking at your wrist at an actual watch. It's not happening. It's also in no way a replacement for a PC. The iPad is a better PC replacement option, and it still is missing out on key features that would make it a valid replacement. The iPhone and iPad do a good job on the basics, but their function still doesn't match up to that of a PC. The experience is still too watered down.

    As for everything else, the convergence works wonderfully. I can't remember the last time I've had to look at a physical map. Hunting down a calculator is a thing of the past. And I rarely bother checking my email anywhere but on my phone now. Sooner or later it'll become a true replacement for a lot of stuff, just not quite yet.
    10-11-2011 01:08 PM