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    NY Daily News article:

    iPhone thief in Queens has picture emailed to owner by iGotYa app, then forwarded to police

    A brazen iPhone thief was captured - in pictures - in Queens after triggering an anti-crime photo app installed on the smartphone.

    The tech-savvy owner, a 31-year-old woman whose name was not released, was walking on Liberty Ave. near 11th St. in Ozone Park in Queens about 8 p.m. Monday.

    A man bumped into her, snatched her black iPhone from her pocket and ran away, cops said.

    But when he later tried unsuccessfully to unlock the phone, it automatically took a picture of him and emailed it to her, thanks to an application called iGotYa.

    She recognized the unsmiling man in the photo as the creep who ripped off her phone and passed the portrait on to police, officials said.

    iGotYa is a third-party app made by Cydia and not available in the official Apple app store.
    Pretty sure the author meant 111th St., but whatever. Hope it all works out for the woman! Hope the thief enjoys his face plastered all over. lol

    Ladies, he's single!
    10-06-2011 10:34 AM
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    Just one more reason to jailbreak haha. Honestly i love the security features that you can get on iPhones.
    10-06-2011 12:48 PM
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    Never steal iPhones, Steve Jobs will make things right!
    10-06-2011 06:57 PM
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    Hahaha! I loved this story! Just another magical feature of the iPhone
    10-07-2011 07:33 PM
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    I'm sure when phones are stolen they're mostly resold for quick cash, but aside from the iPhone I'm wondering if taking someone's smartphone is even a good idea nowadays. I imagine most, or all smartphones, have some kind of feature that will tell someone where the phone is located. How long has GPS been around? lol

    Thieves are dumb jackasses.
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    10-08-2011 10:18 AM
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    Hahaha! I loved this story! Just another magical feature of the iPhone
    How magical is that feature if you have to jailbreak the phone first. Why would this not be something that could come with the "Find My iPhone" app?
    10-11-2011 10:34 AM
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    Haha ah this is awesome!

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    10-11-2011 12:13 PM