1. ddthld's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have a general question regarding iPhones and iPads. I have a PC with a networked harddrive. Can an iPhone/iPad read a PC based drive? If so, is it an iOS function or is there an app?

    I ask because I'm going to slowly switch to Apple, but I'm not ready for a new computer but all (5) of us are interested in getting iPhones and iPads (iPod Touches, too) and I think this is my biggest issue.

    Thanks for the help.

    07-15-2011 08:24 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    What do you mean can an iPhone read a drive? The iPhone doesn't read any drives, networked or otherwise, Mac or pc.
    07-15-2011 10:04 PM
  3. kch50428's Avatar
    Get a Dropbox account to "file share" between multiple iOS devices & computers.
    07-15-2011 10:24 PM
  4. ddthld's Avatar
    I think I came up with something.....I guess what I was really wanted to ask was this: Is there file browser program similar to Windows Explorer for the iPhone and iPad? If there are, are they easy to setup and use? Thanks!
    07-16-2011 06:13 AM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    There really is no file browser for iOS. You don't get access to a file system or storage. There are a few apps (for Windows even more so than Mac) that try to give that to you, but if you're thinking in terms of saving stuff and using your iPhone or iPad and using them as portable drives...not worth it.
    07-16-2011 06:45 AM
  6. ProEvo's Avatar
    I am not sure if this will give you the functionality you need but there is an app in Cydia called windows networking. You might be able to play with these settings to make it happen.

    Personally, I use a Dropbox as previously suggested. That along with wireless syncing, mobile terminal, ifile, logmein, and a few other goodies, i really don't need my lappy anymore..
    07-16-2011 09:49 PM