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    It's hot and gross outside, summer is here...cold beers, baseball...and big metal boxes cooking large quantities o' meat find themselves at home in our lives during these sweltering months (well, sweltering for most, you Californians seem to get a pass on this stuff no matter what time of year it is, bastards... )

    Anyways, who amongst us considers themselves Grill Master Extraordinaire?

    I recently replaced my dying, 8 year old grill with a new model (that does both propane and charcoal)...and have been cooking so much lately that i figured making a thread, sharing some techniques, recipes and such would be fun...

    I'll start it off with a monstrous concoction me and my brother came up with, now famously known in our circles as...

    The Beast Log...

    What you'll need:
    - Bacon...lots of it.
    - Ground meat (chuck, beef, etc...doesn't really matter)
    - Beef hot dogs or sausage (whatever you prefer)
    - Cheese (again, whatever your preference, we actually used homemade mac & cheese!)
    - Toothpicks (for stability)

    ...fire up your grill and lay strips of bacon on your higher rack, allowing them to rain their luscious pork juices down on whatever cooks below. Pre-cook your hot dogs placing a slice on one side of them so that a meat valley forms on one side, this will become the future home of your cheese (or in our case, mac & cheese).

    - After the hot dogs (or sausage) has been heated for a few minutes, put some cheese in the newly formed valley (or scoop mac & cheese in it like we did), take your ground meat and make an all encompassing blanket around the hot dog, completely covering it but keeping the blanket of meat itself thinner than your typical hamburger would be (you'll be glad you did later).

    - Cook this meat mutant slowly (that means turn your heat down from volcanic hell to a more subtle middle of the summer black asphalt level), be sure to turn it so that all sides get a nice char on them, once it has made one large revolution, remove from the direct heat and take your grilling strips of heavenly pork goodness and wrap them around, using toothpicks in case the bacon wants to flop around. (grilling the bacon leaves you with a very nice, wrap friendly bacon, and not the hard, brittle stuff you're used to for breakfast).

    - Allow this to sit on your upper rack while you start on another, remove when the smell of the meats combined becomes too much for you, and in a fit of culinary rage, you can't fight the urge to eat it anymore.

    What you'll be left with is a blossom of flavor (especially if you add onions or peppers or other treatments to the process that you like, i prefer many more seasonings but that is all subjective, and this write up is just for the basics)...3 different meats, one giant log of protein and cholesterol to where you're taste buds will be in nirvana and your arteries will be in the ICU...

    I took a picture while cooking one last weekend...here's what she looked like.

    ...i have more strange experiments, and some regular old classic BBQ. Let's get this thread started!
    06-17-2011 06:54 AM
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    Not one for excessive experimentation, I've been sticking to the basics - burgers, dogs, brats, steaks and the occasional ribfest.

    In fact, last weekend I grilled up about 40 pounds of babyback ribs for the annual Family Rib Fest. I have my own dry rub that I have developed over the years, prepped the ribs and rubbed them down to season for a couple of days... then on the grill... cooked 'em "low and slow" with some mesquite chips for smoke... then cut them up, coated them with BBQ sauce and back on the grill at a high heat to char the sauce... fed about 35 people with the ribs and fixins.

    06-17-2011 09:15 AM
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    Drool drool.
    06-17-2011 09:37 AM
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    How much is a plane ticket to AZ these days?
    06-17-2011 09:56 AM
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    Not one for grilling, I'm a welcome dinner guest throughout the world. I have in my possession, a free ticket on US Air to my choice of destination, good until Dec.

    Keep posting and you could be the lucky recipient of one grateful dinner guest!
    06-17-2011 10:14 AM
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    I've been grilling a lot of bison, elk and venison burgers- same recipe for all. Gently form a patty, with minimal patting/squishing/shaping. Sprinkle with sea salt, white pepper, garlic powder, then drizzle with honey. Cook, flip, repeat. I think elk is my favorite.

    And Visual Timer is a great app for timing grilling, except you have to leave it open. Oh, and if you keep recipes in Evernote, they are available on the iPhone and iPad!

    My other favorite is pork tenderloin.

    Marinade the meat in 1/4 cup olive oil, juice of 1/2 lemon and 1 tsp pepper, a couple hours or overnight.


    1/2 cup seedless raspberry jam or orange marmalade
    2 tbsp red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar
    a little red or white wine- you want a faily thick consistency
    salt and pepper

    Melt in a small sauce pan, let it cool. It makes a lot, so I freeze the extra for next time.

    Grill the tenderloin, brushing with the glaze every time you turn it.

    7 minutes, turn.

    6 minutes, turn.

    5 minutes, turn.

    Remove at 140-145F.

    (Remote grilling thermometers are SO cool...)
    06-17-2011 11:00 AM
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    Man, I stuffed myself on ribs this weekend... but these recipes are making me hungry again... good stuff, Maynard... keep 'em coming...
    06-17-2011 11:22 AM
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    I BBQ mostly carne asada this time of year. Will do steaks , burgers, and dogs too
    06-17-2011 03:56 PM
  9. Fausty82's Avatar
    Has anybody tried pizza on the grill? I have a friend who does it all the time... never had the inclination to try it... not a big pizza fan, anyway... just thought I'd ask.
    06-17-2011 04:20 PM
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    We've done quite a bit of grilling this year. Haven't made anything "unique" yet.
    06-18-2011 09:36 AM
  11. oNly1pHone's Avatar
    Absolutely LOVE to grill! It is one of my favorite things to do! Nothing better than sitting on the deck with a whisky in hand and grilling up your meal!! Favorites include baby back ribs, steak(rib eye & T-Bone), homemade burgers, chicken and assorted vegetables...! Always willing to experiment with new things though, perhaps I'll find something on here now! Good thread OP!
    06-18-2011 10:51 AM
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    my god those look amazing!

    there's gonna be A LOT of this going on for me this weekend. of course it will have to be in the evening since, where i live, the heat index in the middle of the day is a simmering 107 and not letting up anytime soon. fml
    07-01-2011 03:38 PM
  13. Fausty82's Avatar
    my god those look amazing!

    there's gonna be A LOT of this going on for me this weekend. of course it will have to be in the evening since, where i live, the heat index in the middle of the day is a simmering 107 and not letting up anytime soon. fml
    Thanks... they were

    Not doing anything spectacular this 4th of July... just burgers/dogs/brats this weekend ... all weekend ... Saturday, Sunday and Monday ... different sets of folks each day ...
    07-01-2011 04:44 PM
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    My brother and I made some home made brats yesterday and cooked them last night...turned out rather well (though we found the casing we used was a little weak, id spend the extra few bucks next time and get the better quality skins)...they were delicious but im not sure the difference in cost was worth having to go through everything to make them vs. just buying some pre-made, they were great, but we also spent alot of eating time making them, lol...and ruined alot of the skins figuring out the perfect pressure to fill them with.

    We also found some amazing hot dogs at our local butcher and bought a few of those, and damn they were delicious...they were a veal/pork mix brat that we made and angus beef hot dogs.

    Then thursday we did an easy grill out for the kids at my sisters house, although we did cook some butcher shop hot italian sausage that were purely amazing...

    07-02-2011 03:09 PM
  15. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    Braves game Saturday...got there around 2pm, started grilling up to the game and then enjoyed some baseball with bellies full of meat and beer, wonderful day...

    And yes, custom made trailer hitch for the grill...created with redneck pride.

    08-01-2011 09:38 AM
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    Alright everyone posting here needs to check out Epic Meal Time - Home
    08-18-2011 12:54 PM