1. itsalexaye's Avatar
    I am thinking about buying a macbook air when school starts in the fall, but just wondering is it really that fast? and the flash storage, is it worth it? or just go for the macbook pro?

    I do have a 1TB external hard drive that I usually take to school with me and with iCloud I dont think the small amount of space the air has will be a problem but just wondering.
    06-09-2011 09:36 AM
  2. pizzafootbal's Avatar
    As far as processing, its a little slow, unless you really need the super mobility, I'd go for a Macbook Pro with much better specs. Plus, the new Air is supposed to come out soon most likely with sandy bridge processors. A 1.4 Ghz processor is not good at all!
    06-09-2011 09:41 AM
  3. felface's Avatar
    Like above posts new MBA's are rumoured to come within a month or two with sandy bridge and thunderbolt and yes it really is that fast look it up on youtube there is a plethora of videos that will demonstrate the MBA's speed and (and to be honest) not that bad power but since its for the fall i'd wait till nearer the time cos if you get the mba with sandy bridge and ssd what youll have is a superthin good-looking laptop that absoultely screams and wil probly have quite respectable (if not better) power
    06-09-2011 02:01 PM
  4. itsalexaye's Avatar
    I really want a mac laptop, so that way I have both a mac and PC because I hate having bootcamp on a mac for windows 7 (some things i need for school/work can only be done in windows 7) and I already have a quad core 3.2ghz desktop thats a PC
    06-09-2011 02:12 PM