1. foxfly's Avatar

    We are very excited to join the TiPb community and look forward to interacting with each of you here.

    We just launched a Beta version of our free group messaging app on the app store and would love to hear your feedback on our app and work with you to make it best meet your needs.

    Here is a brief introduction:

    Foxfly is like BBM for iPhone but for groups and its also a whole lot foxier. Its perfect for organizing events, sharing private stuff, and keeping in touch with your different circles of friends and allows you to send unlimited messages and photos for free!

    Available now on the AppStore!

    Also, as we add features we'd love to get your feedback on our pre-release versions as well. To signup to get our latest updates before they hit the appstore send us a message and we can send you a link to get registered.
    04-09-2011 01:08 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Howdy! And welcome to the TiPb community. I just read your app announcement, and already have it pulled up in iTunes.

    Remember, while apps make the platform, active devs make the apps!
    04-09-2011 09:06 AM