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    Apple is serious about improving their products' recyclability and reducing their impact on the environment. Fair enough.

    But what about Apple's competitors? Isn't it a waste of the Earth's resources to mindlessly copy Apple products while knowing full well that doing so is unsustainably futile?

    Think of all the resources that could be saved if Apple's competitors stopped recklessly squandering resources and energy. The gasoline burned by engineers driving to work to design, build, and test hopelessly inadequate products. The pollution generated by same. The electricity turned into wasted radiant heat by all those computers used by engineers designing no-hope me-too products (and Facebooking and sexting and commenting on blogs.) The electricity wasted on air conditioning to counteract all that radiant heat. The carbon footprint created when building prototypes and final versions of the soon-to-fail products. The secret toxic waste dumps in China.

    Not to mention the air pollution generated. By burning warehouses full of said products in the inevitable arson event to convert unsold inventory into insurance reimbursement money.

    Greenpeace, it is your duty to call out these would-be competitors. Do the right thing and protest their obscenely wasteful, Earth-hurting, and ultimately futile endeavors.
    03-10-2011 01:52 PM

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