1. SockRolid's Avatar
    Un be f*cking lievable. Microsoft has re-issued the Kins as Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm. Lower prices and cheaper data plans are the apparent excuses for doing it. As if that would fool people.

    Here it is at Engadget: Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm back at Verizon -- Engadget

    Windows Phone 7 sales must be worse than even I expected...
    11-18-2010 02:49 AM
  2. NickCurtis's Avatar
    Huh? Well, I could care less about the contracts as long as my basic needs are fulfilled. That's what they called market strategy.
    11-18-2010 03:14 AM
  3. jdavis530's Avatar
    I think the Kins are the most ridiculous phones I have ever seen.
    11-18-2010 09:56 AM
  4. SockRolid's Avatar
    Agree. Especially considering that they are totally unlike WP7 phones. They're the smartphones for people who don't know any better.
    11-18-2010 12:46 PM
  5. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    More like the sidekick of today.

    Also known as the myspace phone.
    11-24-2010 11:11 PM

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