1. Slyfi's Avatar
    Was just checking out different iPhone news websites and came across AppleControl.com

    the site look very professional and all but when i clicked on the iPhone news section thought i had a case of Deja Vu

    all their news articles it appears are copied directly over from TiPB's news feed

    when I looked at there version of "PCalc 2.3 now available for iPhone, iPad [Give away]" its a carbon copy to TiPB even referencing Leanna's review. which if your not a TiPB frequenter would make no sense to anyone.

    At the bottom it does give reference to TiPB as being the source but doesn't give credit to the True Author which in the case of "PCalc 2.3 now available for iPhone, iPad [Give away]" would be Georgia.

    Anyone else think that it's kind of crappy for them to claim to be "The latest iPhone and Apple news, reviews and more!" when there really just copying TiPB's stuff? they could at least get other sources, I mean Really?
    10-17-2010 06:09 AM