1. solius's Avatar
    Yes! lol I used to be an apple hater but Ive seen the light. Now I am praying to get enough money for my college graduation in may to buy a macbook pro for myself as a gift to me!
    08-23-2010 11:11 PM
  2. touchyphone's Avatar
    Holy craptastic, my post/thread made the front page! I am so honored, thanks TiPB!!!!
    08-24-2010 11:26 AM
  3. MarkCooz's Avatar
    Yes. The first iPhone. Even now i own a White Unibody MacBook. and i love my iPhone 4
    it's simply amazing.
    i wish i would've gotten the MBPRO
    08-24-2010 06:09 PM
  4. Bill77's Avatar
    Had an iphone 4 since first week. Actually checked out a MacBook Pro for the first time. Nice, but I'm way too deep into Windows software unless there's a rediculous rebate for switching!
    08-29-2010 02:18 PM
  5. msm0511's Avatar
    Nah. Got my first Mac way back in 1999.
    08-29-2010 03:26 PM
  6. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    It was actually a reversal action for me...ive had macs for years, and when the iPhone was previewed, i remember going "Holy crap, a mac phone? Im in..." and so started the wonderful relationship.
    09-07-2010 11:03 AM
  7. ducky's Avatar
    the iphone 3g did prompt us getting a macbook.
    09-12-2010 09:20 PM
  8. Nurnberg77's Avatar
    Definitely! I bought an iPad and a MacBook Pro because of my iPhone. Guess I really did drink the Kool-Aid, huh?
    09-12-2010 09:28 PM
  9. morgantm89's Avatar
    I had my Macbook way before so I don't really know. I know a lot of people with iPhones and no Macs and the other way around as well.
    09-13-2010 04:08 PM
  10. Slyfi's Avatar
    i have a 15" macbook pro sitting in my "cart" in the apple store just waiting till my funds catch up with my gadget lust... in short yes im getting a mac because i have an iphone
    09-13-2010 06:41 PM
  11. davec3275's Avatar
    I actually owned a Mac before buying an iPhone. I would have bought an iPhone when if first came out (which was before I bought my Mac, but was locked into a contract).
    09-14-2010 04:54 AM
  12. MobileMania's Avatar
    Actually, owning a Mac made me want to buy the iPhone. Happier since then.
    09-14-2010 08:17 AM
  13. aestival's Avatar
    I've owned at least one Mac continuously since 1985 -- what is this iPhone of which you speak?

    Actually, it's owning an iPod touch that makes me want an iPhone. Owning an iPhone will make me want an iPad, which may eventually make me want a Mac less.
    09-18-2010 09:36 PM
  14. phonejunky's Avatar
    Yes it did actually. Once i got my iPhone i wanted all of my electronics to be apple. I just love the apple interface, and the elegance of their devices.
    09-19-2010 07:51 AM
  15. manordwall's Avatar
    Nah I have to keep with windows because its what everyone uses and powerpoint and word are kind of big deals
    09-19-2010 06:54 PM
  16. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    ^^^ both of which work flawlessly on a Mac...
    09-24-2010 06:24 AM
  17. iCaptain's Avatar
    Been a PC user my whole life, but when I got my first 3G, I fell in love with Apple's clean interface and went without DVDs and Voodoo BBQ for about a month to buy my 21inch iMac. My boyfriend still swears by his Windows, but I am a firm believer that once you go Mac you don't go back. Now we both own iPhone 4s and an iPad. Windows lover my butt.

    09-26-2010 12:17 AM
  18. zkyevolved's Avatar
    In my case no
    09-26-2010 12:48 AM
  19. davesawyer's Avatar
    Owning a Mac made me want to own an iPhone!
    10-05-2010 02:22 PM
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