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    I was in iTunes and noticed there were some TiPb podcasts that I didn't have so I hit "Get All" Well when it was done I had 64 podcasts LOL. So I started to listen to the old ones, being slightly OCD, I had to start with the first one and proceed in order. The first one was from 2007 a week after the phone first went on sale in the US. The podcast was called Phone Different and was such a different podcast at that time. It was very rough when compared to the more polished version we enjoy today, well in my opinion anyway. It was funny listening to the topics such as why the iPhone doesn't have 3G and the comparison of the iPhone to the Palm Treo This made me think of my 1st gen iPhone and I got almost nostalgic. Near the end of the podcast there was music playing for 2 minutes and I remember thinking where the hell did I get this song? and I realized it was a part of the podcast LOL it was cool hearing the old school version.

    So any here been around since those days? If you weren't around then have you ever listened to these old podcasts?
    05-20-2010 11:50 AM