1. purge#IM's Avatar
    Frank Flaps

    (not currently playing as the xbox has E74 error so it's going to Microsoft for repair)
    06-19-2011 11:10 AM
  2. PavloG's Avatar
    My I'd is Pasha416
    06-26-2011 01:59 PM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    Call of Duty map pack coming out Tuesday... anyone picking it up? Add me - s0cialdstortion.
    06-26-2011 07:18 PM
  4. Dperks17's Avatar
    Lifeispain88 - NHL 11 all day
    07-11-2011 10:56 AM
  5. ProEvo's Avatar
    Prophet EVO
    07-14-2011 03:01 PM
  6. gbourland's Avatar
    currently playing COD Black Ops and the occasional College Football 2012

    XBOX gamer tag: manorexik

    man-o-rex-ik yes a male version of anorexic. My buddy make fun because I watch what I eat. So! haha.
    07-20-2011 07:17 PM
  7. Hot94Z28's Avatar
    Hot94Z28 same as PSN also

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    07-21-2011 10:49 AM
  8. dchandler's Avatar
    my xbox gamertag is blessed2703 and PSN is seatleman
    07-28-2011 12:33 PM
  9. dublex's Avatar
    I play Modern Warfare 2 all day.
    Gamertag: D U i3 L E X

    And yes, the spaces do count; and that is an i directly next to the 3. See if you can beat me. I'll do 1v1.
    Add me and let me know your from TiPb
    08-18-2011 01:36 PM
  10. Jeremy's Avatar
    Anyone picking up Gears of War 3 next Tuesday? Feel free to add me - s0cialdstortion (that's a zero)
    09-12-2011 11:35 AM
  11. EmceeGeek's Avatar

    I play just about everything
    10-10-2011 10:01 PM
  12. lornaevo's Avatar
    my xbox live is lornaevo but I am not a good gamer.
    02-02-2012 03:22 PM
  13. Duvi's Avatar
    impeccable one

    haven't been playing much, but when i do, i play modern warfare 3.
    02-25-2012 04:54 PM
  14. CH1N087's Avatar

    Been playing battlefield 3 a lot, some modern warfare 3. Excited for Mass Effect 3
    03-03-2012 03:08 PM
  15. Jeremy's Avatar

    Been playing battlefield 3 a lot, some modern warfare 3. Excited for Mass Effect 3
    BF3 a lot here as well. s0cialdstortion
    03-06-2012 06:05 PM
  16. Ilinferno's Avatar
    03-10-2012 04:30 PM
  17. EmceeGeek's Avatar

    Sent from my iPhone 4S or iPad 4G using Tapatalk
    04-10-2012 12:07 AM
  18. Bias X's Avatar
    BF3 a lot here as well. s0cialdstortion
    Any reason why you don't play halo haha.
    04-10-2012 12:18 AM
  19. Fdmstng99's Avatar
    04-17-2012 08:32 AM
  20. Hot94Z28's Avatar
    My gamer tag is the same for both PS3 and Xbox Hot94Z28.
    04-17-2012 08:50 AM
  21. Mr. Apple's Avatar
    Chief Jaye 😃
    04-30-2012 02:56 AM
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