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    Today is a huge day in history for us iphone and ipad lovers with the debut of iphone 4.0 which will be available in a few months. But lets not forget about Tiger Woods return to golf today. Who could forget a guy that's cheated on his wife on more then 4 occasions most likely a lot more then what the public will ever know. Will you turn the tv on to see him, I know I will. Last but not least for this day of April 8th. The 'START' Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty this history making treaty will bring Russia's and the U.S. nuclear bombs to around 1500 warheads per country. A piece of information I never knew was in 1986 Russia had around 41,000 warheads and the US had about 24,000 nuclear warheads pretty scary if you ask me. Well for me this sums up the day of April 8th 2010 and to think the day hasn't even started yet its only 5:46am here in Texas.

    NRDC: Nuclear Data - Table of Global Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles, 1945-2002
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