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  1. NFaMuS one's Avatar
    What's up peoples?!? My name is Dan, and I love my iPhone!

    Finally got around to registering on here...been a long time viewer of the site, and I finally got around to purchasing an iPhone...yes, bad, I know...smh. Better late than never I guess, lol.

    Also, a question, in order to edit my profile/avatar stuff on these forums, do I have to have so many posts before I can do that? Because, I keep getting a message stating that I'm either trying to edit someone elses post or my acces was blocked/account must be activated. Very confusing, because I activated my account through e-mail.

    Thanks for any help! And glad to be a part of the community finally
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    04-07-2010 08:24 AM
  2. jorgetech#IM's Avatar
    Yeah I was always lurking on this site for months & finally got around to joining 2 haha
    04-07-2010 09:44 AM