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    I just wanted to say say thank you to all the members that post their iphone problems to this site. Your questions and answers have help me a great deal. I purchased an iphone 8g 3g one month ago from a coworker it was unlock and jail broken, not to mention the orginal owner is the IT administrator at my job upon purchasing the phone and with specific instructions I went to t-mobile and got connected to a network then I took the phone home got an account for free with itunes (thanks to all the members on this site who made that possible). Upon opening itunes it recommended upgrading to 3.1.2 I had never held an iphone before my purchase my pervious phone was a virgin moble prepaid. I was super excited I proceeded to upgrade to the new version which inturn locked the phone and reset all the settings. I could not call the original owner so i set out on a journey on and uncover your site I read all the thread which directed me to blackrain which helped me to unlock and jail break the phone again which was something tech support at tmobile couldnt help me with. Today my battery was low so my phone cut off when I got connected to an electrical source my phone was frozen on the apple logo. I screamed, hollered and curse for 20 mins suprisingly that did not fix the problem within 10 mins of jumping on to this site and find a the right thread I was back up and running without having to reset the phone to factory settings. So many problems being an iphone user but I am spoil wouldnt go back to any other phone after experiencing all the options I have with my new toy. I am very grateful to all the administrators and members that keep the site going and thank you again for all your help. My daughter said to me the other day " Wow my from now on your name is Inspector Gaget". Determination will get you anywhere, This is my iphone Journey..
    02-14-2010 12:08 AM