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    We drive for a living (Tractor/Trailer) and use our cell phone and laptop extesively for work related matters. I'm fearful that the day is close at hand that cell phone use of "ALL" types in a vehicle (Commercial and personal) will be BANNED. More and more states are banning usage unless with some type of wireless (BT) connection. To SOME this restriction is NOT enough. They are pushing for a "TOTAL" ban. Although fines are high, people still use their cell's. Most people have a difficult time concetrating on one thing let alone being keenly aware of their surroundings in a vehicle while texting. The Federal DOT recently "BANNED ALL" cell phone and texting devices (including QualComm) in Commercial vehicles. Such devices will be required to be disables while vehicle is in motion. I hope I'm wrong...
    01-31-2010 05:05 PM