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    Hey folks, I am new to the iPhone since November after being what I consider to be a Treo "power-user". I have enjoyed playing with quite a few apps on the new phone, and am particularly interested in birding apps - I am a crazy passionate birder. The iPhone far surpasses the Treo for birding apps. I'm happy I made the switch.
    I have iBird PRO, Audubon Birds (and Wildflowers and Trees), BirdsEye, Peterson Warblers (crap-app), as well as several CDs of bird sounds organized by family.
    So far my most-used app is iBird PRO for ease of use, but I like the Audubon app for the variety of bird sounds that they include. BirdsEye is climbing the usage-ladder, it's really fun to be traveling and pull up the birds being seen in that area.
    Other apps pertinent to birding that I use include Google Maps, Notebooks (a really useful notes app that works like MS OneNote), Camera, Voice Memos (to record sounds), Compass (I get lost easily), Weather app of your choice, push email (for recent siting notifications).
    What do you use?

    Laurie Foss
    Austin, TX
    01-11-2010 07:58 AM
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    01-11-2010 09:43 PM