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    "There's NO place Like home for the HOLIDAYS". Lsiten Guy's/Gal's... THERE's NO PLACE LIKE HOME for the HOLIDAYS... Irene and I have been taking care of Parents, Family and others for the LAST 2 Years... Her LAST Uncle passed 2 yrs. ago and his wife (Irene's Last Surviving Aunt) had a 'ROUGH" time and Needed us. My Dad fell ILL and NEEDED us. Folks, Let me tell you first hand... These situations ARE IMPORTANT and we MUST STEP UP AND TAKE CARE OF THEM...BUT there comes a time when WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES... I WOULD CHANGE NOTHING we did over the last 2 years... BUT THIS CHRISTMAS... WE'RE GOING HOME... " There's NO place like HOME... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL... AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT...
    12-11-2009 08:04 PM