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    This week we'll Celabrate one of my favorite Holiday's. ThanksGiving. Over the years I've come to cherrish ThanksGiving and the understanding behind it. A Relationship with a LOVING and FORGIVING GOD. Family, Friends, Health, Bounty BEYOND Measure. A woman who has Loved me for over 30 years. This year, there's a SPECIAL feeling. For 57 years I had a relationship with an individual who was more than a mentor, a friend, a councilor, a teacher. He tought me LOVE. UNCONDITIONALLY... Without condition He shared his Life, His desire to lend a hand, His desire to GIVE of Himself looking for NO return. No Self Gain. No SPECIAL treatment. 52 years He LOVED my Mother. ALWAYS GIVING, NEVER Expecting. I believe He felt His one SOUL purpose in life was to instill in His children Unconditional Love. That MAN was My DAD. This year I will Celabrate ThanksGiving with a void in my heart. Remembering, dreaming, sharing His LIFE, HIS GIFT to us. Dad, I will always LOVE you. I will never forget. Lord, teach me to be like my Dad...
    11-23-2009 07:08 PM