1. David Lambert's Avatar
    I live in CA and I'm planning an extended trip to Australia and was thinking of bringing my iMac and Time Capsule. Does anybody have any experience with doing this or have any recommendations?

    Considerations so far:
    Adapters/Converters for power chords
    Special packing for checked luggage
    Import duty for expensive electronics?
    Same RF-45 internet chord/port used in Oz?
    Would 24" fit in carry-on?
    Is there anything built into the software that wouldn't work internationally (i.e. optical drive not playing foreign DVDs)

    I know...I need help, separation anxiety, etc. Thanks!
    11-17-2009 02:29 AM
  2. David Lambert's Avatar
    Trip Update

    First of all:

    If carefully wrapped (goose down comforter did the trick) and with a bit of luck, a 24" iMac (out of the box) can be put through checked luggage on a major airline and survive the trip without a cracked screen and internals that still hum along happily. I'd say just make sure you have backups in case of theft/baggage loss and of course don't attempt this if you don't have a high tolerance for risk.

    All you will need is an international adapter, since the iMac power supply has a flexible range of 110-240V.

    24" iMacs do *not* fit in carry on.

    No import duty from USA to Oz, just as if you were bringing your MacBook for the trip.

    Same RF-45 internet cords used.

    Optical drive plays Aussie DVDs just fine.

    As they say down here: no worries, mate.
    12-01-2009 03:18 AM