1. TOASTIE's Avatar
    im in the uk . are many here ? or are most USA

    hello anyway . the forum has help me load so far so thank you chap and chaplets
    11-13-2009 04:02 PM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    I am here......
    11-13-2009 04:20 PM
  3. jglowe74's Avatar
    remember...wherever you go, there you are.

    i'm in US. Normal, IL 61761
    11-13-2009 04:27 PM
  4. Tramain's Avatar
    11-13-2009 04:31 PM
  5. TOASTIE's Avatar
    i bugger im a repost . and i couldn't even be arsed to do a poll

    anyway how your iphone ?

    and where are you uk'ers im Cheltenham and its so windy its blown my tv aerial for the 4th time
    11-13-2009 05:50 PM
  6. BLu's Avatar
    Brighton seafront here Toast....seeeeeeerious wind here too this weekend!
    11-15-2009 07:50 AM
  7. TOASTIE's Avatar
    i bet it if mate . its calmed down a bet round here do you no the levelers ? there form round there aren't they . friend of mine is simon's bezzy mate . i spect your sick of them round there arnt yu
    11-15-2009 04:17 PM
  8. BLu's Avatar
    Not sure they've played here in years mate,but maybe. I saw them a good ten years or so ago in London when I was studying but haven't seen or heard much of them since to be honest. They still at it?
    11-16-2009 04:52 AM
  9. TOASTIE's Avatar
    im ferly sure most of them came from round there and some still live there . ye there going strong just dont hit the charts . not sure wy . there always touring and strated a festival about 5 years ago called Bountiful Days . 10.000 people , its a realy nice festy when the whether nice

    what the whether doing there . its was sunny here today still cold though
    11-16-2009 01:13 PM
  10. BLu's Avatar
    Bright blue & sunny here old chap. Very nice! Sadly I'm stuck in the office 'til about 3 though so can't get out & enjoy it. Damn this 'work' concept. I'm sure I'm allergic…
    11-17-2009 07:40 AM
  11. acevindiesel's Avatar
    im in the uk too
    11-17-2009 07:48 AM
  12. TOASTIE's Avatar
    i had to sit in all morning today when it was lovly out waitin for a bloke to mend my tv aerial . soon as a went out to do some work outside it pissed it down . bloody whether . im frikin freezin now .
    11-17-2009 03:48 PM
  13. TOASTIE's Avatar
    hello acevindiesel
    11-17-2009 03:49 PM