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    So I recently moved to a new apartment (within a month or so).

    I admit I'm kinda lazy in putting things away (although the cats love laying on all the boxes..yea I'm that lazy).

    So today being a boring, overcast Sunday I've been doing some cleaning.

    I wanted to get a charging station (as I hate looking at all those wires) and shopped around...target was incredibly expensive, the office box stores were kinda pricey.

    I decided to go to Wally World and lo and behold they had a nice looking (faux leather and in black) charging station for under $14. The back comes down and I can snake the wires/chargers in there. I have room for my Iphone, the Zen mp3 player, the blue tooth headset and some other stuff there.
    Plus it has another draw (for the lack of a better term) to store headphones, keys and other small things in it.

    See Betsey, I am getting "organezized". < --- semi obscure line from Taxi Driver.
    11-01-2009 12:41 PM