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    Hi all, just wondered if anyone has experienced any random events/arrogance/hate towards yourself about mentioning jailbreaking the iPhone. I asked about Orange getting the iPhone and should I wait etc but I'm getting itchy fingers and feel the need to get the iPhone on O2 and obviously jailbreak/unlock it.

    He took it upon himself to evaluate that because I said I will get one on O2, that I was going to jailbreak it. Never. I would eventually use the top up in about 10 years. Anyway, he showed a lot of arrogance and in a stern tone of voice.

    "You do know that if you decide to jailbreak that iPhone, you WILL lose your warranty" and had the face shape to follow what he just said in some sork of sickening teacher way. It's hard explaining his tone but at the end of the day, it's up to me what I do with the phone. Anyone had any bad customer experiences?

    Just for the record, I know Apple don't have bad customer service, it's just individuals sometimes!
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