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    ok, i know this has NOTHING to do with iPhones, etc, but i am trying to locate a surge protector. we have a 32" LCD mounted on a swivel mount. it's not one that has an extension, but does move up/down, left/right (slightly...:/)

    due to this limited space (i don't have specific measurements right now) between the wall & the TV itself, the normal surge protectors you just 'plug in' directly into the outlet will not leave enough room for the power cable to be plugged in without hitting the TV.

    i currently have the TV plugged directly into the wall outlet. no protection. i'm not a big proponent of surge protectors since most everything i've ever owned has survived storm conditions for decades..., but my wife insists we find one for the tv. so i'm trying to locate a surge protector that has a plug-in-the-bottom type outlet. this should alleviate the space restriction. i know they are out there, but finding them in stores or via Google are driving me insane. any thoughts??

    PS-please let me know if i'm not explaining myself well enough...it's already been a long day
    10-08-2009 09:58 AM