1. Hakala's Avatar
    Is it only me out there or is the new facebook "homepage" (iPhone app) REALLY natural feeling vs. the main iPhone. Every day after I check my news feed and comment etc etc etc... I always click the home button thinking it will take me back to the main facebook page. And when rearranging the "icons" on the facebook start screen, just like the iPhones, the icons do the jiggly dance and u drag and drop as you want. Once I'm finished arranging them (or the favorites) I automaticly click the home button thinking that it will make them stop the jiggly dance and go back to normal. Obviously it again exits the app. In essence, it actually DOES save the layout, you jst have to restart facebook. So is there anybody else out there who has these same strange happenings as I do??
    10-07-2009 04:14 PM