1. r00t3d's Avatar
    Laid the blackberry storm to rest yesterday and I couldn't be happier! Got the 3GS and I must say I hate even looking at the storm now.

    The browser is a joy to use and not a pain in the ***. Don't know why the bb community bashes the email? No problem here yet. Multi touch makes things alot easier with typing. Overall wow... Just wow!
    10-02-2009 09:14 PM
  2. DRTigerlilly's Avatar
    congrats on the new phone. I'm jealous :P
    10-02-2009 09:21 PM
  3. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Welcome - glad you like your 3GS.
    10-02-2009 09:23 PM
  4. iBoxtaboy's Avatar
    Congrats. I made the switch to a 3GS from a Pearl, so my jump was even more dramatic. I can't say everything is better on this phone than the Blackberry, but overall, it's just a huge improvement from the media and entertainment standpoint. It's an awesome phone for sure.
    10-02-2009 09:26 PM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...brilliant, another convert!
    10-02-2009 09:46 PM
  6. teme's Avatar
    word, welcome aboard. i recently got mine aswell
    10-02-2009 11:01 PM
  7. HAVOKID's Avatar
    I went from the Samsung Eternity to the 3GS and it was like from taking the bus to taking a lambo to school! No regrets!
    10-03-2009 02:08 AM
  8. Tramain's Avatar
    ...brilliant, another convert!
    lol...Welcome to the forums. Glad you like your iPhone.
    10-03-2009 05:24 AM
  9. jamesus's Avatar
    Welcome to the party!
    10-06-2009 03:26 PM
  10. Edamameguy's Avatar
    Congrats! Youll learn to see that downtime is never boring anymore!
    10-06-2009 07:11 PM
  11. halluc1nati0n's Avatar

    No pics, no talk.
    10-06-2009 07:19 PM