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  1. yorkie#IM's Avatar
    Hi. This is my first post, so not sure if this is the best place to add this?

    We have recently developed a webpage for our growing iPhone audience and would apreciate some constructive feedback from iPhone users please. To date we have only viewed it on an iPod Touch 1st gen.

    So far we have only created a contents page with links to non iPhone pages. Our first issues are:

    1. Does this contents page fill your screen and easily read/visable?
    2. Is the page too long? Does the page take too long to load? Should it be split into multi pages?

    Any other feedback welcome, look forward to your opinions which we will consider in our next update. Link below. Thanks.

    google york360 then search iphone in top left of site.
    09-30-2009 03:42 AM
  2. acarty's Avatar
    Hey there

    I've had a go at using your site and followed the instructions.

    Firstly, the site loads pretty quickly, which is good even on 3g.

    The contents page doesn't fill my screen, and I have to double-tap to zoom into the information.

    The page isn't too long for me. I had to scroll 2 or 3 times to view the whole page when I was zoomed out, and 5 times when zoomed in. I can't see any reason why it should be covered over multiple pages, but that's a preference.

    Good start so far!!
    09-30-2009 08:30 AM
  3. yorkie#IM's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick reply acarty.

    I originally set the width in css to width 320px and thought this was correct?
    I also tested it at which looked good.
    I will wait a bit longer to see what others think.

    Do you think I need to add this line in the html head too?
    <meta name=viewport content=width=320″ />
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    09-30-2009 09:26 AM