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    Hello everybody. I am a smart phone junkie. I have had three different BlackBerrys, a G1, and now an iPhone. I just got the iPhone yesterday. I traded one of my BlackBerrys for it. It is a 2G. I have considered getting an iPhone for a while now. I don't really know what held me back.
    Anyway, I have a whole new phone to learn. I have been playing with it non-stop since I got it yesterday. I did have to take a four-hour sleep break last night, but only because I had to work today. I am having a blast with it so far.
    I am still on T-Mobile, so I am not getting the whole 3G experience, but it is still fun. I am feeling just a little overwhelmed right now, so I will be doing a lot of reading on this forum to learn as much as I can. I have already made my first rookie mistake. It was unlocked (of course) and jailbroken. When I put my sim card in, I couldn't get Safari or any of the web-based apps to open up. Like a big dummy, I went into the network settings and selected "Reset Settings". I think I read that un-jailbreaks the phone. I think that because when I tried to download something from Cydia, it caused the phone to reboot.
    Didn't mean to be so wordy, just wanted to say hello and thank everyone in advance for the help.
    09-05-2009 03:02 PM
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    Hello, thought I would say hi and welcome you to the iPhone community! If you need any tips, tutorials, best protecting iPhone case reviews and app reviews every week then sub to me on youtube at youtube.com/user/applez1iphone3g, and I hope making th switch to the iPhone went well. Your now part of the family

    09-12-2009 12:55 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. Glad you joined.
    09-12-2009 05:05 AM
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    welcomeeee im new tooooo
    09-23-2009 02:57 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!
    09-23-2009 08:46 PM