1. cjvitek's Avatar
    Okay, so I am playing with my new MacBook. Using iChat, I can get the built in camera working, but I can't find any other application for just using it to take a video or picture (albeit of me, since it is pointed at me). I can't see any option in iMovie or iPhoto. Is there an application for that on the MacBook?

    My wife already wants a Mac now. I am currently trying to figure out if I can use MobileMe instead of exchange (but I want to import all my contacts and calendar info if I do). I am also trying to figure out how to sync my iPhone to both the mac book and my "regular" computer. I know there was a tutorial here for that , I just need to find it.


    07-26-2009 11:46 AM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Photo Booth is a built in app that lets you take photos and do some fun real-time video effects with the built in iSight camera. You can find it in your Applications directory or just hit CMD-Space to start Spotlight search and type in Photo Boo-- and somewhere along the line it'll pop up just like iPhone spotlight.

    iMovie is the right place to record video of yourself. Just start it up, start a new movie project. About halfway down the screen on the left is a movie camera icon. Hit that. A window will pop up letting your record yourself.

    If you live near an Apple Store, take some of the free classes they offer. Totally worth it to get up to speed faster.
    07-26-2009 08:09 PM