1. WhackAttack's Avatar
    Hi! I joined back in March but really just started checking things out more. My name is Will, I got my iPhone 3GS about a month ago and my iPad in april. I got another 3G iPad on order.
    04-15-2010 06:59 PM
  2. Clint1394's Avatar
    I am a pretty new member on this thread. I am an apple customer for life. They have the best products and the most exclusive technology. I also started a website called iphonenation.webs.com. If anyone would like to check it out. It has a blog and a member sign up as well. it also has a weekly hotaccessories page and well as news about the iphone. if the website is visited enough i will pay to have the webs part removed. But this is my first venture so any feedback would be really appreciated. Just trying to make my presence on the web. Let me know guys.
    04-15-2010 10:26 PM
  3. michealmilan's Avatar
    Hello everyone, Micheal here.
    I guess people would call me an apple fanboy, I've got no problem with that. I love my apple devices and like to flaunt them around.
    04-19-2010 10:00 AM
  4. christiansells's Avatar
    Christian here.

    Just joined today to see what all I can learn and share with others on this site.
    Glad to be here and look forward to making friends on here.

    04-19-2010 04:46 PM
  5. appezzy's Avatar
    Hello everyone. Just a quick introduction, we are a iPhone and iPad app company started last year. We have 3 apps out so far and working on many more. AppEzzy was created to help simplify your life. We are focused on creating the best mobile products to help keep your life in order quickly and easily. We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley and strive to create the best iPhone apps.

    Check out some of our apps on our site at appezzy.com
    04-19-2010 07:37 PM
  6. Mella's Avatar
    hello, guys!
    Im mella, new to here, just want to say hi to you!
    eher, hope I can learn more info about iphone, it's my favourite device!
    and wish I can do some help for others!
    04-21-2010 08:30 PM
  7. ebedoun#IM's Avatar
    Hi, I'm Erick. Currently a BlackBerry 9700 user. Before that a Blackberry 9000...and before that Windows mobile Treos. (I currently own a iPod Touch also).

    Come June/July the new iPhone will be mine, it will be my first iPhone. I've made up my mind. BlackBerry will be sold and iPod will become my 2yr olds
    04-22-2010 02:22 PM
  8. blkmini's Avatar
    Hi, Blkmini here - I have been an iphone user from the first gen to the 3GS. I have been reading a lot here and finally decided to be a member - seems like a very friendly and very informative and helpful site.
    04-23-2010 04:23 AM
  9. patrese's Avatar
    Hello everybody

    My friend blkmini ^^ pointed me to this site..

    I have been themeing a lot ever since day 1 for the iphone, I was a moderator at macciti and an irc op and forum supermod at xsellize.

    Recently I left xsellize and me and a few friends of mine are actually looking for a nice and friendly place to share our themes and mods, we hope maybe that will be here.

    I'm mostly known for my dbar themes and mods, if there is a demand I may create a dbar thread here..

    Hope to see you online and thanks for having me,

    04-23-2010 04:38 AM
  10. mone's Avatar

    I'm new here too ... and I came here with my friend Max

    I'm also iphone user since the first generation and to me it's a great fun to create new themes/mods.

    See you around
    04-23-2010 09:07 AM
  11. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    Hi everyone got the newb status goin on too. To start, the 3GS is my first iPhone and I LOVE it. I've wanted a iPhone since the first one was unveiled by Steve Jobs. I love watching the keynotes lol. Anyway I'm 21, a Psychology major going for my PHD. My favorite band is mindless self indulgence hence my username lol. If you wanna chat my Twitter is thedeadbaby
    04-26-2010 03:07 AM
  12. Robinmichele's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Found this site while looking for information on the Ipad 3g release. I have an Iphone 3g after being one of those "early adopters" who bought the first Iphone when it came out.

    Looking forward to getting my Ipad 3g on Friday!

    04-28-2010 07:01 PM
  13. Ladysmiles's Avatar
    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Toni. I came on here looking for a community of iphone and ipad users. I've been looking for a good one since I first got the iphone last year and the community I did use shut down. I think I've found a good fit so far! Right now I'm graduating college student (YAY!) in the field of PR. I love networking so I'm always open for conversation

    Pmessenger F4CF0BE2
    04-30-2010 08:46 AM
  14. techie_chic's Avatar
    Hello everyone!
    I'm Bettina...I look forward to be part of this community and meet new friends as well.
    05-05-2010 04:32 AM
  15. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Hello All

    I am Stephen
    I come from Crackberry.com figured I'm hating my ipod touch, and you would be the people to help me not hate it so much, I'll do some searching over the next day or 2 looking for help with my itunes issues, and if I can't find a solution, I'll ask for help.
    05-07-2010 08:22 AM
  16. pAKMAn's Avatar
    Hello, I am pAKMAn, from Romania, nice to see you all.
    05-07-2010 04:42 PM
  17. Cypek's Avatar
    I'am form russia
    05-07-2010 05:43 PM
  18. Steve Doherty's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I just thought I'd post a quick introductory message after stumbling across this site, and finding it to be a smorgasbord of iPhone goodness. I think I've pushed my iPhone knowledge as far as I can purely as a consumer, and I've been reading articles on development and jailbreaking with a great deal of interest.

    I'm currently an unemployed C++ coder in Perth, Australia. When I get some bux together, I'll be getting an iMac and jumping into app development.

    Anyway, I'll get back to browsing - Nice to be here

    05-08-2010 01:54 AM
  19. isuquinndog's Avatar
    Yo, I'm Mike and I'm here to get into jailbreaking. Whee!
    05-14-2010 08:35 PM
  20. giobuc's Avatar
    Hi everybody!!!

    i am giobuc and i write from italy!

    happy to introduce myself here, i am an happy iPhone owner.. so happy of my device, that i decided to start to study to make my apps..... and i am really glad to show my first application, a sort of cookbook for microwave ovens

    well, i wrote something about it in the iphone apps section of this forum

    if you are curious go and read... and write me what do you think about!
    05-15-2010 06:36 AM
  21. chops1sc's Avatar
    Just wanna say hi. HI! I got my iPhone about a week ago (5-10-10) and I am enjoying it very much. I am looking forward to learning the "ins and outs" of the iPhone on this forum.
    05-15-2010 10:08 AM
  22. Chris71's Avatar
    Just wanted to say hi, the Wife and I have converted over from blackberries and we have now seen the light !
    05-16-2010 09:10 AM
  23. Camperbear's Avatar
    Hi all, been a TiPB podcast listener for a while now, and thought that it was time to join the forum. Been teaching myself to code in Objective C for a year or so, and registered this year as an iPhone developer. Still nothing in the store, but here's hoping. I have already enjoyed these forums quite a bit as it really gives you the sense that there is a lot of community spirit. Can't wait to spend some more time in these parts......
    05-23-2010 08:03 PM
  24. slopoke#IM's Avatar
    I'm new to the forum, obviously, so first hello. I joined to see if you membaes can help me solv a problem. I recently upgraded from a 3G to a 3GS and I have a calendar full of events that did not transfer over to the new phone. Is there any way to transfer my old calendar from my 3G phone to my new 3GS?I am a PC owner, running windows 7 home edition by the way.
    05-23-2010 08:31 PM
  25. Marcus James's Avatar
    TiPb reader, finally registered on your forum. Just another guy with an iPhone and iTouch.
    05-25-2010 01:53 AM
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