1. Mysteria's Avatar
    Hello. My name's Angela. This forum looks pretty cool. I hope to learn more about the iPhone.
    01-02-2010 10:29 AM
  2. iquinn's Avatar
    Just wanted to say hi and let everyone here know that I have made the switch from Blackberry to an Iphone 3Gs 16gig. I have to say that I love it and I am glad that I made the switch. I will always consider myself a Crackberry but now I am a CB that rocks an Iphone. Anyone here that is on Crackberry.com this is crackvegas78
    01-03-2010 03:32 AM
  3. violin1879's Avatar
    Hello, new to the site, had my Iphone for about 6 months and love it!!!
    Was a blackberry user for 6 years or so, and used Crackberry but just now started looking for a site for my phone! If anybody has travel tips for using the phone outside the US let me know! Thanks, Michele
    01-03-2010 11:52 AM
  4. borockster's Avatar
    Just decided to try an I for the first time. I hit a promo with my company that allowed me to get a 3Gs for free so I gave it a shot. Very pleased so far and that comes from a BB user of many years.

    I like the look of the forum and it seems their is quite a bit of good info here...I look forward to getting to know you folks.
    01-05-2010 08:55 AM
  5. Jay-Lee's Avatar
    Hey everyone! Just made the switch from the blackberry to the iPhone. I have mixed feelings about my experience. I think I just need to give it a little more time to get use to the transition. I'm looking forward to learning more about my device through this forum.
    01-06-2010 12:59 AM
  6. Lady Kaede's Avatar
    OK, I'll play. Lady Kaede (the original) is my favorite screen villain. You can find the original in Akira Kurosawa's Ran. In our Manhattan household we have a 20" iMac, two Apple laptops, and three iPhone 3Gs. After more than 20 years in tech, I junked my last Wintel box and Nokia cell and we went all-Apple in 2007.
    01-08-2010 11:40 AM
  7. Munky#AC's Avatar
    New to the forums, been visiting the site for a few months now. First time iPhone buyer, bought the black 3Gs 16GB. I'm from Indiana and currently work for a local police department. Quite a few of our brass have the iPhone and all love it.
    01-09-2010 04:09 PM
  8. Tramain's Avatar
    Welcome to the Forums, All of the Above.
    01-09-2010 04:11 PM
  9. cmsy27's Avatar
    Hi everyone! I'm Crissa. I'm an app reviewer for various iPhone sites, I promote apps for developers on Twitter, and hold promo code contests regularly. Joined this community since it seems like a pretty great place to talk about everything iPhone - and that's something I love to do.
    01-10-2010 12:41 AM
  10. PRON3's Avatar
    Hello all! Recent convert to the iphone 3gs from bb. Looking forward to learning and interacting with the community.
    01-11-2010 08:21 AM
  11. ToxicAtomicDog's Avatar
    Just wanted to say hello from Michigan.
    01-12-2010 09:06 PM
  12. susiecandy's Avatar
    new comer i'm Candy, glad to join u
    01-13-2010 03:13 AM
  13. electro_cute's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    First ever post on TiPb! Just wanted to say hi. I am currently a BlackBerry Storm 2 user but I am hoping to convert when the iPhone 4G comes out later this year. Hope to talk soon!~
    01-18-2010 09:10 PM
  14. clickr's Avatar
    Hi from a newbie in Florida. I currently have a BB Curve 8310, but I'm looking forward to getting the iPhone 4 when it comes out. I'm a MacBook user and can't wait to round out my Apple experience with an iPhone!!!
    01-20-2010 02:48 PM
  15. mspanker's Avatar
    hi team
    have a 32gig touch, and saving for the phone
    just started to find out what i can do with it, looks like a great place to start.
    cheers all
    01-20-2010 10:51 PM
  16. ArGiEs's Avatar

    New to TiPB. Don't have an iPhone product - yet; Focusing in on the Ipod Touch (32 gig likely). New to iPhone stuff, but not new to handheld devices. After years of Sharp clamshell devices, moved to Palm PDA; about two years ago, added the first Blackberry (yes, I'm a registered member over at Crackberry Kevin's site ). Now, before anyone thinks about driving me out of here, hear me out : Palm OS & PDAs became a dead-end road. I run my business on My Palm Tungsten T3 (still a good device!), but I know that I will have to jump platforms sooner or later. After a lot of study and consideration, the iPod Touch seems to be the most logical move for me. (I do not want to have a totally "coverged device" at this point, so sorry - the Blackberry will still be my communications/internet link.)

    I've got questions on things like backup (ultra-critical subject!), firmware updates, & other things. Well, here goes....
    01-22-2010 11:03 PM
  17. jamesgangut's Avatar
    Company finally moved over to iPhones. We were huge Palm fans especially the Treo. If there is anyone here form TreoCentral you might remember me. Glad to be on a phone with active development again.
    01-24-2010 12:44 PM
  18. phonejunky's Avatar
    Hey guys im new to the sight I'm blackberry user, and im not a troll by any means, im running a blog called smartphoneinsight.com, and putting out news stories about all devices so i just wanted to join a great iphone site to hear news rumors and even complaints from iphone users perspective. im glad to be here and can't wait to mingle and talk with you guys, and i do own a jailbroken iphone 3g that i do not use anymore.
    01-24-2010 02:42 PM
  19. Chris_c81's Avatar
    Hey all, recovering Nokiaholic. Recently switched to the iPhone 3GS after owning an iPod Touch, which I absolutely loved. Now similarly, loving my iPhone 3GS!

    Can't wait for what 4.0 has in store.

    See you around
    01-26-2010 09:38 PM
  20. Max6149's Avatar
    Hey guys

    My name is Max. I'm 22 and I do adv and marketing...specifically on the web. I'm new to the iPhone community and I'm here to learn a bit more.

    Guess I picked a good time to join since 4.0 is coming out today and things are about to get CRAZY.
    01-27-2010 09:45 AM
  21. mgrebel1787's Avatar
    hello everyone- just switched to iphone 3gs black from palm pre- i had my palm pre all modded but once i could get onto att i made the switch. so far i am very happy but also very curious on whether or not i should jailbreak this bad boy. any suggestions? what are the real benefits?

    can u tether? what does it do to the battery life? are there patches to change the battery icon and stuff?

    any pointers would be great!!
    01-28-2010 01:07 PM
  22. peesee's Avatar
    Hi. I'm new too.
    01-29-2010 03:47 PM
  23. C()nker's Avatar
    Hey I'm new. I like to eat sun-dried mangoes.

    01-30-2010 01:09 AM
  24. xodeus's Avatar
    HI there everyone.
    I'm new here as you all can see.
    My name is Mariusz, I'm born in Poland, living in Denmark. I'm 27y old, I have 3 kids (4y, 2y and 1mo). I'm a busdriver in the city I live in.
    I've had a lot of phones, but now I have an iPhone 3G 8Gb and I think that I'll never own something else than Apple, maybe a droid sometime, but not at this point.

    My iPhone is running 3.1.2, is JailBroken, and I've customized it a little. I've had Winterboard but i figured out that it needs a lot of memory to run, so customized without WB.

    I you want to know more, then ask...

    uh, oh. I forgot. I'm running some sites too; xodeus.dk, iphone.xodeus.dk and bloggr.dk
    02-02-2010 01:08 PM
  25. thedigitalforge's Avatar
    Hi TiPbzens,

    We are a small App developer in the UK. We have a number of diverse apps on the iTunes store including SailSim (Sail boat training), NavStation (Marine Navigation), LedOThel (board game), LedOtron & LedOTronFree - music apps. We also do OSX apps and database/web software.

    Looking forward to the iPad, although reading here I guess it's not going to be as big a bang as Apple had us believe! Let's just say I didn't cancel my MacBookPro order!

    Looking forward to some interesting debates!

    James W Holland
    CEO www thedigitalforge dot com slash iPhone
    02-04-2010 11:03 AM
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