03-24-2016 02:52 PM
1,529 ... 2425262728 ...
  1. redletterbrad's Avatar
    Good luck in 2016, iMore!
    02-08-2016 12:19 AM
  2. canadian1der's Avatar
    Thanks iMore!
    02-08-2016 12:30 AM
  3. garynky's Avatar
    Not to be selfish, but I've had a horrible past year health wise. I've taken care of everyone else as best as I can. I just need a nice little me moment right now. This would be great. Good luck everyone. I know plenty others could use a nice "me moment" as well.

    Thanks for another great give-a-way iMore. You're the best.

    02-08-2016 12:51 AM
  4. Mike Velasquez's Avatar
    I love Apple and iMore
    02-08-2016 12:55 AM
  5. vader_slri's Avatar
    Great site - like the Canadian angle
    02-08-2016 01:01 AM
  6. ipaulius's Avatar
    Serenity and Georgia are spectacular! (or what was it that Renee said on the Podcast...)
    02-08-2016 04:06 AM
  7. tomdooley's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to this contest as I used a Watch at the local Apple Store and damn, it was gorgeous.
    Beautiful time pieces with functionality tied to my phone, that's the ticket!
    02-08-2016 05:59 AM
  8. pdrake007's Avatar
    I've tried the Pebble and whilst its good, its just not as good as an Apple Watch but I cant justify the price!
    02-08-2016 06:21 AM
  9. mustang8918's Avatar
    This would be a nice companion for the 6S Plus I just purchased and am really enjoying.
    02-08-2016 06:53 AM
  10. mnilay's Avatar
    Waiting for it
    02-08-2016 07:27 AM
  11. scottffitch's Avatar
    I'd sure like to win one--contest ends on my birthday --it would make a nice birthday present--considering I ACTUALLY get a real birthday this year! (I'm turning 28, but in leap years, this will be my 7th birthday )

    02-08-2016 07:28 AM
  12. krsgdlw's Avatar
    Really enjoying the sites contents and podcasts.
    02-08-2016 07:33 AM
  13. mehtanitin61's Avatar
    Waiting for It
    02-08-2016 07:37 AM
  14. ldoove's Avatar
    Wow, what a nice giveaway! Now in my mid 40's and haven't worn a watch anymore since the glass broke from my watch at the time I was 22. Since then just asked for the time, looked at city clocks and later of course looked at the time on my first mobile phone (Sony CM-DX1000).
    Nowadays of course equipped with an iPhone that shows me the time as well, but an Apple Watch is so much more then "just" a watch.
    Surely I would very much like to have one, but is too expensive for me, so to win one....YEEEEY that would be so cool!
    Fingers crossed...
    02-08-2016 07:41 AM
  15. mehtanilay10's Avatar
    02-08-2016 07:44 AM
  16. lovelygravy's Avatar
    This would be amazing! and I may even start getting to work on time
    02-08-2016 07:58 AM
  17. ndogdrumz's Avatar
    I want to win because I'd love to use the Apple Watch experience. I love he idea of using one in my everyday life. Thanks for doing this!
    02-08-2016 08:39 AM
  18. caseybvpa's Avatar
    02-08-2016 09:06 AM
  19. aksha1910's Avatar
    I want to gift this to my dad because he has recently started taking interest in technology and he's wanting to buy a smartwatch so it will be good suprise for him from my side!
    All the best to everyone!
    02-08-2016 09:55 AM
  20. peterrgravel's Avatar
    I am really interested in the fitness aspects of the Apple Watch...besides that I've always loved watches.

    Good luck everyone

    02-08-2016 10:05 AM
  21. AlexDoctorLexus's Avatar
    Why? Because i wanna loose some weight. Maybe this one will be a motivation.
    02-08-2016 10:22 AM
  22. anon(375783)'s Avatar
    I want to win because I cannot afford the Apple Watch!
    02-08-2016 10:32 AM
  23. earthpilot's Avatar
    Cool would love to win one.
    02-08-2016 10:36 AM
  24. Dhenz's Avatar
    Wish me luck. I never saw anyone on my circle using apple watch so it would be nice if I'd be the first
    02-08-2016 10:46 AM
  25. youngalumni's Avatar
    Cool, now I know that this exists.
    02-08-2016 10:48 AM
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