11-27-2015 03:22 PM
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  1. prott69's Avatar
    Multitasking with then new screen for work, 4 quad speakers, the new office issues.. Wow, what a machine!!!
    11-13-2015 09:45 PM
  2. walk0080's Avatar
    Would replace our aging MacBook Air 11" laptop.
    11-13-2015 09:54 PM
  3. cronaldo's Avatar
    Definitely going to be using the multitasking spilt screen and the new pencil to draw going to be a huge help being an artist to have an all in one device for everything.
    11-13-2015 09:57 PM
  4. rokorre's Avatar
    I would use it for work
    Needs that keyboard
    11-13-2015 09:59 PM
  5. rmkilc's Avatar
    I'll use it as a tablet!
    11-13-2015 10:05 PM
  6. ProfessorGadgets's Avatar
    I think the iPad Pro will be great for multitasking with that huge screen - I can work through emails and add/complete tasks in OmniFocus on one big screen.
    11-13-2015 10:17 PM
  7. variablegt's Avatar
    I'm going to use it to make lessons and videos for my math class.
    11-13-2015 10:18 PM
  8. zanyterp's Avatar
    Coursera while cleaning
    Watching how to cooking videos while making dinner to expand our palette
    11-13-2015 10:20 PM
  9. DannyGGG's Avatar
    I'm going use it at work to read and annotate papers, but also with the Duet app to give my work iMac some more screen real estate, since my boss is too cheap to buy me an external monitor. Even that little bit of extra screen will help. And I'll use it at home to sketch.
    11-13-2015 10:21 PM
  10. Mrapplegate45's Avatar
    I'd love this iPad Pro. I'd surf the internet and promise not to take pictures out in public with it.
    11-13-2015 10:34 PM
  11. Zack Snyder's Avatar
    I really want to try taking notes and using safari side-by-side while I'm at school. The larger screen would be great to use for hand-written notes.
    11-13-2015 10:35 PM
  12. iFreem77's Avatar
    Like other posters, I am looking forward to trying it at work; I'd like to be able to take notes at meetings on that big screen and do some image editing to show others during collaborative get-togethers.
    11-13-2015 10:35 PM
  13. newbrewguy's Avatar
    To replace my aging 1st version iPad, and for photo editing.
    11-13-2015 10:36 PM
  14. Bok Choi's Avatar
    Finally decided that I don't actually need/use a laptop enough to justify having one over a constantly used ipad
    11-13-2015 11:14 PM
  15. Tsf42m's Avatar
    Would love to try using this as a mobile video editor in the field
    11-13-2015 11:28 PM
  16. The_Scribe's Avatar
    I'm the note-taker at meetings...can't wait to have the agenda and my Google Docs open side-by-side! No more flipping back and forth.
    11-13-2015 11:31 PM
  17. Riduanua's Avatar
    I would like to get one!!
    11-13-2015 11:38 PM
  18. cardfan's Avatar
    For drawing, media consumption, and casual family computer.
    11-13-2015 11:54 PM
  19. harvey5555's Avatar
    Looking forward to using this to take hand written meeting notes.
    11-13-2015 11:57 PM
  20. ajl's Avatar
    I would love to use it for school, seems like it would be a great addition to my backpack.
    11-13-2015 11:58 PM
  21. ajcasperite's Avatar
    I need to get my artistic juices flowing again and the IPad pro might be just the right thing for it. The large screen, amazing Pencil stylus and art apps, like Procreate, together may be the right prescription for this artist. I am really excited for the opportunities it may provide creatively and productively for me.
    11-14-2015 12:14 AM
  22. soulenigma's Avatar
    Looking forward to drawing on this beast with pencil.
    11-14-2015 12:18 AM
  23. Ric001's Avatar
    I would give it to my son. He is 9 years old. He has found an interest in drawing. I would like him to explore his creative side. His other interest is watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. I think the iPad Pro with a stylus would help him a lot with his drawing.
    11-14-2015 12:35 AM
  24. Ric001's Avatar
    I would give it to my son. He is 9 years old. He has found an interest in drawing. I think an ipad with a stylus would help him explore his creative side.
    11-14-2015 12:37 AM
  25. abl00m's Avatar
    Also use for work
    11-14-2015 12:45 AM
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