11-27-2015 03:22 PM
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  1. csendlor's Avatar
    I could use the laaaarge screen and the multitasking for studying.
    11-12-2015 02:37 AM
  2. AugustVance's Avatar
    Im a student, and most of my classes are starting to go paperless. This would be a great way to be able to use one side of the multitasking ability to scroll through my textbooks, and the other side to take notes or write an essay. This is going to be great.
    11-12-2015 02:43 AM
  3. modulusshift's Avatar
    I'll use it to develop and test brand new programs designed for large multitouch, from games to music creation apps.
    11-12-2015 02:52 AM
  4. mabocoglu's Avatar
    I want it to play much more detailed games
    11-12-2015 02:53 AM
  5. Zhikuan's Avatar
    I'm a student from singapore who is tired of bringing my heavy laptop all around and bringing chargers and even portable chargers. iPad pro would be perfect with the new keyboard support, not to mention the multitask ability, the gorgeous large screen and also Apple Pencil. Hopefully I can win this!
    11-12-2015 02:55 AM
  6. dtrujillo's Avatar
    I will use it to edit videos!
    11-12-2015 02:55 AM
  7. Palmpeter's Avatar
    I would love an Ipad Pro to use when on meetings and can use the bigger screen for all documents I need.
    11-12-2015 02:58 AM
  8. AntonV99's Avatar
    I'll be using the iPad pro for my studies primary. But i will certainly use it for playing games, watch tvseries and moves on it. And I'm gonna use it to read books on it too.
    11-12-2015 02:59 AM
  9. ehutchins's Avatar
    Looking forward to editing photos in one app while organizing in the other, side by side.
    11-12-2015 03:00 AM
  10. josepilot81's Avatar
    Ill use to work...the size and the real multitasking in split view will be wonderful to create lists while browsing to plan my trips. This with the new note app in which now we can draw is a total game changer for me. I'm really looking forward to it
    11-12-2015 03:18 AM
  11. Cojrom's Avatar
    I'd use an iPad pro for college work and as a replacement for my laptop which has seen better days
    11-12-2015 03:23 AM
  12. MikeJamesiMore's Avatar
    Years ago, I imagined a future iPad that would be more powerful, and use a stylus for more precision.

    Now, it's finally here, and this would be a great addition to my toolbox. Let's hope I can get lucky enough to win!
    11-12-2015 03:29 AM
  13. topfry's Avatar
    I'd be using it for work, and as that is primarily drawing I'm really looking forward to using one, not least with an Apple pencil. Its not just a cheap cintiq, and iwould be incredibly useful in all kinds of ways from editing, to mailing the artwork directly from the iPad!
    11-12-2015 03:54 AM
  14. danmac_au's Avatar
    I plan to use it to replace my wacom tablet an draw pictures for my soon to be daughter.
    11-12-2015 03:55 AM
  15. cflasche's Avatar
    I plan to use the iPad Pro for school and games.
    11-12-2015 04:00 AM
  16. xdomingo's Avatar
    I will use it in company meetings, it has a great screen resolution, the pencil companion and low weight. Perfect for my day-by-day use.
    11-12-2015 04:09 AM
  17. sweetlee00's Avatar
    I will be using it for school :-)
    11-12-2015 04:11 AM
  18. AndrewP121268's Avatar
    I will use it to replace my ageing Macbook Pro Retina (2012) and process photographs when travelling. I just hope that it is up to the task!
    11-12-2015 04:33 AM
  19. iDavid956's Avatar
    I would use it with an Apple pencil and use my graphic design skills to see if I would like it since I've never used a Wacom tablet before.
    11-12-2015 04:33 AM
  20. vandenburg's Avatar
    The iPad Pro for me will be a complete machine with hopefully replacing all of my laptop and desktop computers!
    11-12-2015 04:37 AM
  21. Prince Pellazar's Avatar
    11-12-2015 04:38 AM
  22. Prince Pellazar's Avatar
    I will use it in my study it will be a great help for me as a business administration student.
    11-12-2015 04:40 AM
  23. joanromeror's Avatar
    i Want the iPad Pro for my son
    11-12-2015 04:46 AM
  24. eestein's Avatar
    It'll be primarily used for work (doubling as an on-occasion laptop) and as a reading device
    11-12-2015 04:49 AM
  25. Von Bravo's Avatar
    The whole draw of the iPad Pro for me is two-fold:
    1. complete paper replacement, and
    2. complete book library replacement.

    Simply put,
    I can use the multitasking feature to open a book on one side of the screen, an app like Paper (by 53) and do my homework with just one device!

    Imagine you're taking a math class in college (or you're self-educating, with any subject really), and instead of lugging a ton of books around with you everywhere to do your studies, - you simply carry the iPad pro with PDF versions of all of your books on it.
    When you show up to class (or your study spot), instead of having a backpack full of books, papers, etc - you have a small case for the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil.

    So you show up without lugging a ton of heavy stuff, pop out your iPad pro, open the book to the page that you're learning from on one one side, and Paper for taking notes on the other, BOOM - you're ready for some heavy duty learning!
    Also, if you're at a lecture, at any point in time, you can use the multitasking to hide the book part, and just focus on the notes, or vice-versa, or maybe pop open a graphical calculator to plot a graph (or whatever other tool you might need), and that is that.

    As an avid note-taker, I write a TON of notes, and then they all get lost - I could organize my notes, and never lose them again, unless I really want to erase them.

    Also if you dabble with art, having a device that lets you jump into creative mode immediately at your fingertips is simply amazing. I love to draw, but again, real paper is messy to deal with because I always find a way to misplace the cool things I make, so I would finally doodle, draw, and just mess around with art - thanks to the assurance that I wont lose what I worked in, and because the experience is finally close to working with a real sheet of paper.

    Then there's the ability to use the screen to make music, or do a DJ gig with this one device, or have it Hold my musical notation for band jam sessions and performances.

    TLDR: Complete Paper Replacement. - A Library of all your notes, drawings, and books, all on one device.
    Last edited by Von Bravo; 11-12-2015 at 05:27 AM. Reason: increased clarity and purpose ^__^
    11-12-2015 04:58 AM
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