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    SiriOS is the platform of the future but how does Apple get there?

    Full story from the iMore Blog...
    03-07-2018 07:30 AM
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    This is a poor article. Most of the ideas are solutions looking for problems, or solutions that already exist and have done for some time. For example, Spotify already knows what I listen to and can "play me something I like". I can listen to Spotify on any smart device that I own. What value does it bring for Apple to do the same, but probably worse? Similarly, the long section on ordering pizzas seemed to miss the point that I can already do that easily using Deliveroo or Domino's own app. OK, I have to install that app once (or go to the webpage) but that's not exactly a big deal, and that app offers a far better experience than any conversational interface. You can try out some conversational interfaces on Facebook Messenger - I recommend doing so to see just what a bad idea they generally are.
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    03-08-2018 06:29 AM

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