1. lmj98's Avatar
    Hey Guys!
    Verizon is up to their regular gouging of customers -this time they do not automatically apply the reduced monthly access fee for off contract phones. Called them this morning and they applied a $25 fee per phone "discount" (totaled $100 per month for me). They said you have to call in to get the "discount". How many others are not getting the reduced fee and how many that are buying the new iPhone straight out won't get it going forward? I see a large class action lawsuit in Verizon's future!
    09-23-2015 02:50 PM
  2. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore. Verizon is always up to something. I try and call Verizon at least one a week for some exciting news...LOL. Enjoy iMore.
    09-23-2015 02:54 PM
  3. dchandler's Avatar
    This is one of my reasons why I don't like Verizon, always trying to get over on you.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    09-23-2015 02:59 PM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    In 11 years with Verizon, I never had any issues. I talk to them often.
    09-23-2015 06:36 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    I've been with Verizon for 10 years. I've had some billing issues lately. If the service wasn't so good in my area I'd probably drop them.
    09-23-2015 07:00 PM
  6. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Just curious... I just started porting numbers (going to be a total of five) to Verizon yesterday. All off contract and I'm not purchasing any of the phones through Verizon. Am I supposed to be expecting an additional discount or is this something for someone who used to be on contract with them and are now supposed to be eligible for a discount?

    Right now I'm on the 12GB plan for $80 (less a discount I get through my employer) plus $20/line. Thanks in advance!
    09-23-2015 07:13 PM

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