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    Flir's been working in the world of infrared imaging for years, but now they're delving into a new market: home security and action cams with the Flir FX.

    Flir is taking on both Dropcam and GoPro with the Flir FX. This little camera is a roughly 2x2x1-inch block with a circular lens sitting front and center. There's an available home base that it can mount onto for home security purposes, as well as options for exterior mounts, car mounts, and even a waterproof sport case that you can strap onto your helmet, bike, or what-have-you (ala GoPro). With Wi-Fi, remote monitoring, and a nifty "RapidRecap" feature that compresses hours of activity into minutes, Flir's system is going toe-to-toe with Google-owned Dropcam.

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    04-07-2015 09:12 AM

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