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    If you've enabled iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed that all of your videos aren't showing up. I first noticed this a few days ago while searching for a video I know I had taken on my iPhone a few days prior. For some reason, it wasn't showing up on my iPad, which also has iCloud Photo Library enabled. Digging deeper, some videos that I actually took on my iPhone were also missing. As it turns out, there's a switch you can flip across your devices in order to get videos syncing properly to and from iCloud Photo Library. And for the time being, it also seems to fix the missing videos bug too!

    Full story from the iMore Blog...
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    11-07-2014 11:12 AM
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    Thanks, Allyson. This fix has been needed quite a bit....
    11-07-2014 11:19 AM

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