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    There's a rumor going around that the iWatch or whatever Apple ends up calling their wearable line will have at least one model positioned around the $400 price point. I'll just preface all this by remembering that right before the iPad launched a rumor hit that it would be positioned around the $1000 price point. It shipped starting at $500. Nothing is official until Apple says it is. With that in mind. it's interesting to look at iWatch rumors in relation to Apple's existing line of wearables the iPod. Those venerable music and multimedia players have had several incarnations that leant themselves to everything from tie clips to wrist watches. Yet their sales have fallen in recent years and their technology is more than outdated. They're pre-post-PC devices. They are not of the iOS and iCloud age. At least not yet...

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    08-30-2014 07:00 PM

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