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    Welcome to the second edition of the Mobile Nations Community Update! Im James Falconer, Community Manager at Mobile Nations. If you hang around the forums at Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Smarwatch Fans or Windows Phone Central, chances are weve crossed paths. If you havent, keep reading and Ill bring you up-to-speed on some of the most awesome stuff going on in our communities.
    Early January was an incredibly busy time for all of us. Not only did we launch the brand new Smartwatch Fans site (headed by Editor-in-Chief Adam Zeis), we also produced #CESlive with our good friends at GeekBeat.tv. CES was a whirlwind of activity, and producing a live show alongside our usual coverage of the show was a huge undertaking... Yet we pulled it off without a hitch. If you tuned into our coverage, I hope you enjoyed it. If you didnt, check out our recap video (its worth a look).
    2014 is off to a great start. Mobile Nations is growing. Our staff, volunteers and members remain passionate, dedicated, and eager to take on the coming year. I hope youll join in the fun that is (and will be) 2014.

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    01-30-2014 10:20 AM

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