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    CrackBerry's fearless leader Kevin Michaluk loves a good keyboard on his smartphone, so who better to review the much talked about Typo Keyboard for iPhone. It's gaining a lot of attention for better or for worse with backing from Ryan Seacrest, and potential BlackBerry instigated lawsuits. But, whether it's a total ripoff or not (though it really looks like it is!) is it actually any good at what it sets out to do?

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    01-08-2014 04:30 PM
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    Kevin gave a great review and I agree with most that he said like BB buying Typo would put the suit to bed.

    I do miss a physical keyboard sometimes, my pre2 was sweet to type on not to say that my 5s is unpleasant at all but there's something about the feel of buttons that draws me but Kevin says you can't use Touch ID or Control Center which makes it a non starter for me

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    01-08-2014 05:03 PM
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    Of course Typo is a rip off the q10 keyboard. And they'll loose this case pretty quickly, but but maybe Kevin is right buy typo add some to the revenue as I'm sure it will sell well, especially I bberry natively develops it.

    The big thing about bberry keyboard isn't just the keyboard itself but it's the ahortcuts built into to the software, sending emails, SMS, etc ... Without looking down at your screen or opening the apps first is beastly in terms of crack berry typing so to speak. Cool product though. It's no Q10 but hey gives some familiarity to bberry users who use iphone.
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    01-08-2014 05:12 PM
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    I was a big blackberry fan, and I'm using iOS now. When I first saw it, I loved the keyboard, but I'm in Europe and I think we won't pay 99 dollars (75 euro) here, it will be 99 euro, or more.a little expensive for me. May be ill just wait for a friend from Toronto to bring me one! ( like I did before with a mophie plus case ).
    01-08-2014 05:21 PM

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