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    With the Apple Watch dropping in price to $299 USD, Canadians now benefit from cheaper prices for the popular wearable.

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    03-21-2016 08:12 PM
  2. RoyceRivard13's Avatar
    Yes!!!! Now it'll be easier for me to afford one. $50 easier than it was before!

    I can't wait to buy one! I'm thinking the Sport - Gold Aluminum, with the Gold/Red Woven Nylon strap. Also an additional Scuba Blue Nylon strap, and 5 different Sport bands. One band for every day of the week!

    And since I'm so much like Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory", I'll have to create a Watch Band Schedule to figure out what one I'll wear on what day of the week. Or a Watchband Agreement... Fun fact: Leonard said that he once found a box of contracts under Sheldon's bed - he claims that was "scary".

    Anyway... Gotta go.

    03-21-2016 08:39 PM
  3. Jonabe1975's Avatar
    Should be $100 like the U.S
    03-22-2016 01:05 AM

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