1. SkydiverTilt's Avatar
    It's kinda pissing me off all the Rene bashing in the comment of the threads lately. The guy started The iPhone Blog because he likes iPhones...and while it morphed into a monster website it still retains the same love of the products.

    I've actually found his reviews to be pretty thoughtful and moderately objective. I actually expect a little leaning in his reviews because he likes iPhones (for a reason!).

    All I know is that every time I tweet something and tag him he responds, and I don't know many companies that do that so he earns my high marks.

    Rene, the love is out there...keep pressing past the haters.
    02-24-2016 10:18 AM
  2. DaytonAnnie's Avatar
    I've followed Rene for quite a while on Twitter. I like is interviews and articles and have learned alot. I came to iMore be cause of Rene, and am disappointed to learn that he's the victim of haters and bullies! There's too much of this kind of crap in this world!
    02-24-2016 10:41 AM
  3. kch50428's Avatar
    Haters gotta... well, you know...
    02-24-2016 10:49 AM
  4. robertk328's Avatar
    Anyone who feels strongly about something is going to be subjected to criticism. He is not any more over the top than most of us; he just has a bigger platform to stand on
    02-24-2016 12:05 PM
  5. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Remember also that many commenting on the blog site don't even use Apple products. They're a different lot than what's found here in the forum.
    02-24-2016 12:29 PM

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