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    When you use "People are only attacking me because I'm a woman" as a marketing tool, you hurt every other female professional out there on the Internet.
    A tweet today got me irrationally, stupidly, Peter Cohen-levels of angry. Namely, this tweet by Quartz writer Emma-Kate Symons.
    Cult of Mac attacks! Male Apple worshippers on warpath after my point of view piece mocking their Messiah for @qz https://t.co/wITexTAwff
    Emma-Kate Symons (@eksymons) March 25, 2015
    Now, I've seen and personally experienced the wrath that comes from angry jerks with Opinions on the Internet, so I can't necessarily prove that Symons wasn't getting gendered attacks the likes of "Stop writing this drivel and go back to the kitchen."
    But it's the way she promotes it like a newspaper headline that infuriates me.

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    03-26-2015 01:12 PM

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