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    "I think I might put the new MacBook on my Xmas list" my mom during Apple's Spring forward event.

    My mom has used computers before, from the Apple II to the Amiga to the Performa to the iMac. But she's never wanted one before. Since she started using the iPad in 2011, she's barely even looked at one. Now she wants the new MacBook, the same one that has some outlets denouncing it as a "betrayal" or a "bad value". What's causing the difference in reactions?

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    03-11-2015 07:40 PM
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    Other people look at products and even if they find one that suits their needs, they get upset about the ones that don't. They see a single port or a choice of chipset or the cost of tomorrow's technology today and, despite the MacBook Air having more ports and the MacBook Pro having other chipsets, and both still being on the shelves, they're angry the alternative exists. Either because they'd want it if it were different in some way, or because they fear it will somehow threaten what they already have. ~ Rene Ritchie

    ^^^^^This^^^^ is spot-on...

    03-11-2015 10:13 PM

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