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    Welcome to the first edition of our new experts column on iMore! Every Wednesday we'll be bringing you the experience and insights of the very best people in health and fitness, productivity and accessibility, design and development, music and art, education and analysis, and much, much more! And to start us off licensed psychotherapist Georgia Dow!
    Our iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks can serve as magnificent distractions. They're mobile, so we can have them with us anywhere, and they're instantly accessible, so we can use them any time. Thanks to all our tech, Reddit, YouTube, and Candy Crush Soda Oh, sweet, sweet Candy Crush Soda are always right there, only a click or tap away... Yet our tech can also help us conquer procrastination and get things done. All it takes is the right strategy and the right apps!

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    02-04-2015 09:00 AM

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