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    On the heels of Apple's Q1 2015 earnings, the company's stock reached a new all-time high of $120 during today's trading session. While I really don't care too much about short term stock price movements, this particular move in Apple's stock is a reflection of investor optimism following the most monstrous quarter ever seen.
    It's true. In case you didn't catch the headlines from Tuesday, Apple's $18 billion quarterly profit for Q1 fiscal 2015 is the largest quarterly profit of any company in the world in all of history.

    Plenty has been written following the quarterly report, so instead of rehashing all of the numbers I'd like to focus on what it all means to the stock longer term. I've been a shareholder of Apple since 2007 and haven't traded single share since that time. So when I look at technology companies from an investment angle I really do walk the long term talk. I think attempting to time the market is a recipe for disaster for most people (including myself), and I'd prefer to make decade plus long bets on quality growth companies. Apple still fits the bill for me.

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    01-30-2015 03:51 PM

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