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    The folks at WikiPad have been promising support for Apple products for a little while now, and now that we've spent a few minutes with one here at CES it looks like we were all better off waiting until they got it right. The Gamevice takes your iPad mini and straps two halves of a controller on either side of the screen, giving you an incredible controller experience that may or may not give you violent flashbacks to the days of playing with a Sega GameGear. Despite the added girth on either side of your iPad mini the controller is plenty comfortable to hold and doesn't take up nearly as much space when collapsed in your bag.

    If you're a fan of iPad gaming but dream of a world where on-screen joysticks are better, there's a good chance the Gamevice is worth looking at for your collection.

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    01-09-2015 10:12 AM

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