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    Family Sharing is a new feature in iOS 8 that lets your entire family share purchases from both iTunes and the App Store without having to share the same Apple ID. More than that, parents require that younger children ask permission before purchasing content. You can then receive a request and either accept or deny it right from your own iPhone or iPad. To get started with Family Sharing, you'll need to perform a few steps in order to set it up.

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    09-19-2014 12:40 PM
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    I tried it last night a good thing to mention is if your kids have Apple ID already you can not change Bday to make them show as a Child .. Also what if I want to make my adult sister ask for purchases also ? Can't do it .. Also my main purchase account has iTunes Match that we all use with this only I can have match so at this point it's a no go for me and I'll stick to what I have setup

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    09-19-2014 12:54 PM
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    It keeps saying I need to enter my Birthday in iCloud. I'm not seeing it anywhere to enter it at and I'm trying to set it up as the father and add my 2 kids. Everything is sync'd to my Exchange server.

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