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    There's a major niche for fitness products that is mostly untapped for now
    As you will see during Fitness Month here on Mobile Nations, there is a wide array of cool and connected gadgets to help you get fit or stay fit. Bracelets, bands and clips that communicate with smartphones to tell you how far you've walked, how fast you did it, and how healthy it makes you come from plenty of manufacturers. They even get social and make for great games and contests. It's really cool to see how far this area has come in such a short time, and it's pretty great to see how well it's been accepted by tech enthusiasts and those who aren't quite as enthused about circuits as we might be.
    But there is one group of people who have (so far) been left mostly out in the cold when it comes to being healthy connected-style folks who have disabilities.

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    06-03-2014 08:30 AM

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